Is ti-84 plus silver edition mac compatible

If the Graph Link software won't run and gives you the error message "Cannot load procedure" or if it gives an error saying you have to reinstall it to use the black cable, this indicates a conflict with a particular version of a Windows. E-mail TI and they will fix you up with the proper. Also consider using TI Connect instead if you have a compatible calculator.

Mac users: Macintosh users, AppleScript must be enabled for Graph Link 2 to install. Also, make sure AppleTalk and any fax software that might be monitoring the modem for incoming faxes are turned off. See TI's KnowledgeBase for further aid. Even when your setup is correct, the Graph Link can still act flaky at times. The best thing to do is reboot.

Some people suggest changing the COM port setting and then changing it back. If your TI Flash family calculator suddenly stops working with larger files, read about the checksum error. Sometimes a calculator will stop working with the Graph Link due to some unknown random glitch and resetting its memory fixes the problem. The serial Connectivity cable is notoriously difficult to set up. Make sure the software is set to the color cable that you are using.

The cable must be set to an unused COM port to work correctly. If your mouse uses that serial plug, you must use the secondary serial port. This is a typical set up for a current system with a plug and play modem. For older computers with internal dial-up modems which usually use COM 2 , the secondary serial port may have been reset to COM 4.

External dial-up modem users should unplug the modem and use the port it was in, usually COM 2. Computers with no dial-up modem at all can use COM 2 on the secondary port. Note about Graph Link software error messages: If you hear your dial-up modem doing something when you try to connect to the calculator, you've set the Graph Link to the COM port the modem is on.

This often means you cannot use the Graph Link at the same time as your dial-up modem. If you have another serial port device, a Palm Pilot hotsync cable for example, your best bet is to use the same port and settings as that device. However, you must be certain to completely disable the software associated with the other device to use the Graph Link. Get a listing of your COM ports to see which ones are active. If you still use Win 3. Utility programs like Norton Utilities also do this. If your mouse has a trapezoidal female plug, it is serial and almost certainly uses COM 1.

Though not very common, mice with trapezoidal male plugs are bus mice , which also do not use a COM port. Legacy non Plug and Play dial-up modems are usually installed on COM 2, though that can be changed by moving the jumpers on the modem circuit board and setting the Windows Control Panel to match.

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Plug and play modems let Windows choose its COM port, but once again you can often change what it uses from the Control Panel. If not, you can still use COM 3 or 4. Usually COM 4 is easier to get to for this purpose. Unzip the file and run the diagnostic program. Unfortunately, this prevents the renumbered port from working correctly. Hitting the Refresh button in the Device Manager might help, too. COM port numbers are assigned to serial devices both internal and those connected to serial ports to identify them when the computer is exchanging information with them.

Don't be fooled if Windows reports a COM 5 or higher. Early on there were two serial port plugs on the back of a PC, a 9 pin male and a 25 pin male. The trend has since become two 9 pin ports or even just one 9 pin port.

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The secondary port is set up as COM 2 to begin with, which becomes a problem if an internal dial-up modem is also set to COM 2. The Graph Link will take any unused COM port in combination with any unused serial port, whether directly or via a 25 to 9 pin adapter. The grey cable was designed when 25 pin ports were always the unused one, the newer black cable followed suit with PC makers and has a 9 pin plug. You also cannot use the same COM port as the dial-up modem and you cannot use the Graph Link at the same time as your modem if they are set to the same IRQ. COM ports can be disabled in several places.

These set the COM port used by the primary and secondary external serial port, respectively.

TI Connect™ Software - US and Canada

The 9 pin port should be the primary, the 25 pin port is the secondary. If both are 9 pin ports, they are usually labeled 1 and 2 or A and B. Depending on the manufacturer, it might list the memory address instead of the COM port number. The correspondence is as follows: The red line on the cable should be nearest the number 1 or 2 on the board where it plugs in. Check that the port you want to use is set to the COM port you want and not disabled. Sometimes jumper legends are printed on the card, sometimes there is a little booklet with the jumper diagrams.

You hopefully have a free COM port available now on a plug you can use. Its diagnostic is very powerful and may turn up something the other port lists didn't.

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  • A common problem when using the TI Flash family with the Connectivity cable is a checksum error. The checksum is an extra digit in a file that is used to ensure accurate transmission of data.

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    It seems that when the batteries are low, the calculator does not properly sync with the computer and the file is not received correctly, resulting in a mismatched checksum. So I need a Windows to connect my calculator. Nov 27, 4: We, also, are a Mac family. The schools require the TI Texas Instruments 84 Plus Graphing Calculator, I don't think that they care about compatibility issues, so it doesn't really matter if you do the research ahead of time or not.

    I have googled everything regarding this topic and the problems seems to be with TI and not being able to keep up with Apple's technology.

    TI Connect™ CE Software

    It would be great if everyone played nicely together! It is obviously out of our hands, as consumers, to "require" these big companies to be responsible for the hardware that is required. Nov 27, 5: Good bird dogging. I'd be interested in what TI has to say now almost 20 months after the release of Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Save time by sending files to multiple connected graphing calculators at once Quickly take and manage screen captures Create and edit TI Basic programs.

    Guidebook Download now. Screen Capture Take and manage screen captures from your connected graphing calculator quickly and simply. Windows and Mac are trademarks of their respective owners. Approximately MB of available hard-disk space Screen resolution: Any Mac or newer RAM: Support One-year limited warranty Toll-free help hotline: