How to clean my mac startup disc

But where do you even start? Before you start thinking of cleaning up your startup drive, you will need a secondary storage device first. The best thing is to backup your Mac and ensure all your data is safe and secure. Sometimes you might need to get a terabyte of storage which will definitely cost you some money or other alternative is you deleting some very important files. So, before thinking about clearing up disk space on Mac, make sure you got all your data backed up.

The error message you got through the popped-up window is like a call. The first thing you can think of is how to remove files to make your drive less cluttered. To be more effective and maintain your Mac in a good shape constantly you can cultivate the habit of emptying your trash on a daily or weekly basis. There are other places that serve as a gold mine for storing random bits of data. I guess its best you find an external drive or perhaps put them in your documents folder.

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I bet millions of users have turned their Downloads folder into an ocean of dump. Generally, people just download stuff and never even bother to go back to check and delete the folders.

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You can fix this by organizing your Downloads folder sorting your files by the date. Files can be arranged by date modified or date last opened. Most often, your Downloads folder is in the Dock near the Trash can. To delete all unnecessary stuff you have to do the following:. If you want to free up real space like twenty, forty or even hundreds of gigabytes then I suggest the next place to look at — the Movies folder. Now, click on Command-I and take a look at the top right of the window that pops up.

This window will show you the amount of space currently eaten up by this folder.

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  4. Video content is a beast when it comes to storage occupation. In no time it can occupy a large amount of space, in some cases over 40GB. Right-click them and select Move to Trash from the popped-up menu. Before offloading any folder you need to check and see if there is something important to protect first. It will be a hassle though if you do not have this folder organized; it means you will have to spend some real time digging your way around. If there are data or files you want to keep best you send them to your external hard drive for safekeeping so you create some fresh room on your disk.

    When speaking about big offenders, Music has to be mentioned. A whole chunk of your storage is hijacked by the music folder and if you want to free up some real space then you can do so just following this way:. Perhaps there are some old albums or music you really do not listen to anymore then get rid of them. The mobile apps are really very annoying.

    How To Free Up Space & Clean A Mac (Full Startup Disc)

    Most of the time you look into your iTunes folder and you find them laying there. They are not music and not movies.

    What’s Filling up My MacBook Startup Disk?

    So what are they doing there? Most people have at least a handful of apps that they never launched. You might think: But these apps are wasting space, potentially even wasting other resources like RAM if running on background.

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    So take a moment and have a look through your applications to see if there are some apps you can let go of and remove them for more space and speed. Dragging them to the Trash will uninstall the app, but it will also leave behind lots of hidden files associated with the app, like app logs and crash reports. For a hard disk it is a great startup cleaner and will free up all of the space that apps were taking up on your Mac.

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    • Why Is My Startup Disk Full? Powerful Tips to Free Up Space on your Mac - Parallels Blog.
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    • Understanding What “Your Startup Disk is Full” Means.

    And this is exactly how to do it:. If you are a Dropbox user, you need to be aware of the fact that Dropbox syncs everything onto your Mac by default. Look through your Dropbox folder and ponder whether or not you need all of those files and folders on your machine. So here is how you can select which files and folders to sync in order to free up space on your startup disk:. Certain tricks like deleting cache with CleanMyMac and emptying your trash should become part of your routine.

    This way, your startup disk will be able to focus entirely on smoothly operating your Mac.

    How to fix the “Startup Disk Full” error on your Mac

    So bookmark this page and use these tips regularly to ensure the problem never returns. What does it mean when your Mac says the disk is full? When a Mac startup disk is reaching full capacity it is bad news for two reasons: A disk that is full or even near full is going to perform slowly. How to check disk space on Mac To get to the root of the problem and find the solution, you must discover what is taking up all the space on your startup disk drive.

    To have an overview on how your space is being used simply follow these steps: Delete App Cache The funny thing with cache files is that they are as necessary as they are useless. To remove app cache files and clean up a startup disk, follow these steps: This is how easy it is to delete tons of system junk at the same time using this flow: However, you will mainly need to follow these steps: Open your browser Open the history tab and tap Clear browsing data Select the files you want to remove: Cookies, site data, Cached images and file Choose from the top menu how far back you want to delete Hit the clear browsing data button The easy and time saving alternative is to once again fire up the CleanMyMac System Junk tab and locate your browser caches under User Cache Files: To delete language packs manually follow these steps: To quickly free up space by removing old iOS backups, do as follows: To remove iOS updates follow these steps: And this is exactly how to do it: Open Finder and click on Pictures in the left menu If you see two Photos Libraries, simply move the duplicated one to the Trash Note, you may want to backup the folder first, just in case Limit Dropbox Sync If you are a Dropbox user, you need to be aware of the fact that Dropbox syncs everything onto your Mac by default.

    What does it mean when your Mac says the disk is full?

    Probably not. So here is how you can select which files and folders to sync in order to free up space on your startup disk: MacPaw uses cookies to personalize your experience on our website. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our cookie policy. Click here to learn more.