Mac proxy settings grayed out

I had to go into active directory Windows R2 and go to the user's properties. From there, Profile Tab, then the "connect" radio button under "Home folder" has to have any drive letter selected, and a UNC path the the location that the users home folder will reside.

firefox proxy settings greyed out

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The problem is that the settings button is greyed out.

firefox proxy settings greyed out | The Infosec Guru

How can I change this in order to get my local account syncing with my home server? Chase Florell Chase Florell 1 8 What you'll need to do is: Log out and log back in on your client computer and you should be good to go! Matt Love Matt Love 5, 21 Is this different than the "mobility" stuff that's found in Profile Manager? According to another stack exchange answer , they're different tools to do the same thing.

I've always used Workgroup Manager, however. Oct Thu 18th 8: Third Rock From The Sun.

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See this knowledge base page for instructions. I have 3beta5 installed as well, and I don't have this problem. But since I have installed firefox for several other people in the office I need to get this problem fixed on version2. Thanks for your help. Are you sharing the profile between versions of Firefox?

Have you tried a new profile? And I just tried a new profile with the same result.

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And now its unlocked. But I did find this page on locking prefs: But none of them are running in the sys tray. I am not using any firewall software. The update to 2. It makes me think that it is the all. Maybe somehow these settings get changed: Ignored unless network. But I don't think firefox uses these settings, does it?

I'm sure it was but what does that have to do with it, since 3b5 works fine. No I have not ask my net admin, because he he would not like that I am not using the corporate standard and customized ie6.

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So after saying that my admin doesn't even have knowledge that I am using firefox, so he shouldn't have any reason to try and control its settings. I think if anything it might be the bluecoat proxy system they have setup might be doing something.

Connection Settings are greyed out - Can't set proxy.

But the main reason I use firefox is keep out from under the man. So I need to figure out how to keep my settings from getting locked.

[ SOLVED ] - LAN settings greyed out!

I wish that when it updated to 2. Search Boards: We're not affiliated or endorsed by the Mozilla Corporation but we love them just the same.

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