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Some may even require a specific, vulnerable version of that platform. Phishing attacks, on the other hand, are totally platform-agnostic. If your Linux-powered internet-aware dishwasher includes a web browser, a phishing site can trick you into giving away your login credentials before rinse cycle. Kaspersky's plug-in for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox scans your internet traffic for fraudulent or malicious pages and steers the browser to safety. To test phishing protection, I first collect several hundred possible fraudulent URLs, doing my best to get ones that haven't yet been analyzed and blacklisted.

I use a hand-coded utility to launch each URL simultaneously in three browsers, relying on the protection built into. Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. For the fourth, Norton provides the phishing protection. If any browser displays an error message, I discard that URL. If it isn't very clearly a fraud, with fields to capture your username and password, I also discard it.

When the test is finished, I compare the detection rate of the product under test with that of the three browsers.

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After an initial rocky start, Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows aced this test, with percent protection. Naturally it beat out all three browsers. I found it missed a dozen or so verified phishing URLs that succumbed to the power of the Windows edition. Both products surely use the same database of known frauds, so I deduce the difference must be in the local heuristic detection of brand-new ones. My Kaspersky contact checked with the developers and confirmed that there is a problem "due to one of the protection components not being updated in this version.

Other product lines have exhibited a similar variation in the phishing test. For example, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus for windows managed 99 percent detection, while it's Mac edition only managed 88 percent. And Norton's Mac antivirus has a lower score than its Windows counterpart, too. In addition to the expected quick and full scans for malware, Kaspersky offers a custom scan that lets you choose drives or folders for scanning, scan for active malware in memory, or just scan items that launch at startup. A quick test scan finished in less than a minute, while a full scan took 33 minutes.

Norton scanned even faster, finishing a full scan in 10 minutes and a quick scan in 30 seconds. Its full scan finished in just two minutes, and it completed a quick scan in 15 seconds. These and other speedy scans have pulled the average full scan time down to 23 minutes, but Kaspersky is still plenty fast. I'm not equipped to release actual macOS malware on the test system, but I did drop a folder of samples containing malware from my Windows antivirus testing onto its drag-and-drop scan screen.

Overall, it wiped out 76 percent of the samples, better than average and quite a bit better than when I last tested this product.

Pricing and OS Support

McAfee AntiVirus Plus for Mac detected just a quarter of the samples, and Intego even fewer, while Sophos wiped out every single one of them. ESET Cyber Security for Mac includes an elaborate scheduling system that even lets you schedule the launch of third-party applications.

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Bitdefender and Webroot, among others, let you create a daily or weekly scan schedule. Kaspersky, on the other hand, doesn't include a scheduling component, instead relying on real-time protection to eliminate any attempted malware attacks. It does now run a full scan after installation, to take care of any preexisting problems. When you're about to visit a financial website or other sensitive site, it offers to open the site in a special browser that's hardened against outside interference.

In the Windows version, a glowing green border serves as a visual reminder that you're using the safe browser. The Mac antivirus also has a feature called Safe Money, but it's a completely different thing. When you visit what appears to be a sensitive website, Kaspersky double-checks it with the Kaspersky Security Network online, and notifies you if the site is not legitimate.

In previous versions, it slid out a notification stating that the site is OK, but I found that it frequently offered multiple notifications. The current version is completely silent unless it detects a problem. I assume it's working, but I couldn't prove it. Specifically, they let the administrator block access to websites matching categories deemed inappropriate.

With Kaspersky, on the other hand, you get a full-scale parental control utility, with content filtering, time control, and private data protection. Previously, Kaspersky Internet Security's parental control included control over social media contacts, both on Windows and macOS. That feature is no longer present, but you can get it in Kaspersky Safe Kids for iPhone , which comes with the top-tier suite Kaspersky Total Security. Web Control lets you ban access to nine content categories, among them Adult Content, Profanity, and Violence.

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By default, it forces Safe Search on major search portals. You can also use it to restrict downloading of apps, music, and videos. When Kaspersky blocks access to a site, it shows the category or categories that triggered the block. In testing, though, I found that it let through numerous raunchy websites that its Windows equivalent blocked.

And logging in to a secure anonymizing proxy completely defeated the content filter, where the Windows edition prevented such chicanery. Time Control lets parents control the time each child spends online. You can set a daily maximum, and also define just when internet access is permitted. There's no fancy grid to set the schedule like what you get in the Windows edition. Rather, you just define a single time-span for internet access on weekdays, and another for access on weekends. Kids like to chat with their friends online, but sometimes they can share more private data than parents would prefer.

If that's a concern, you can turn on Personal Data Control and add any data you feel they shouldn't share, such as your home address and phone number. This is a fairly common feature, but some implementations fail when data is shared over a secure HTTPS connection.

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I did find the process of adding private data items to be awkward. The list consists of alternating white and grey lines. Clicking the icon to add an item simply turns the next available line a darker grey. You have to click on the new line to add your data.

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It's much more straightforward in the Windows edition. It's absolutely annoying and could lead to reduced life span of my device! Excellent, I strongly recommend my friends and colegues to purchase your products. A very good product with excellent capabilities. I use both Kaspersky Pure on three machines, as well as Kaspersky for Mac, and if anything find that maybe the Mac version, although offering a similar level of protection as the Windows platforms, could in fact be a little overpriced when considering the current I have seen much "scammig" on internet so I feel very confident with this product.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac

Overall it's a great product, something I have been using for many years. Can you fix this problem? Learn about the many different types of malware — and the vast range of malicious software programs within each type.

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