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We have stripped our API down to the bare essentials, optimized our servers, and organized our data so that whether your app is making requests a day, or ,, you'll never be left waiting. We have eliminated all unnecessary overhead from our systems. No registration or api key necessary for up to 1, requests per day.

Mac address vendor lookup

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MAC addresses are most often assigned by the manufacturer of a network interface controller NIC and are stored in its hardware, such as the card's read-only memory or some other firmware mechanism. If assigned by the manufacturer, a MAC address usually encodes the manufacturer's registered identification number and may be referred to as the burned-in address BIA.

MAC Vendor Lookup

It may also be known as an Ethernet hardware address EHA , hardware address or physical address not to be confused with a memory physical address. This can be contrasted to a programmed address, where the host device issues commands to the NIC to use an arbitrary address https: If MAC-address is known, you are able to lookup it that allows you to easily find the company details company name, address, and country according to the MAC address of a product.

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The database is a plain text file, which you can search in various ways that are convenient for you. I wrote a small script that can also help you. Create an oui. If you know the MAC address and you want to know the manufacturer of this device, you can use the free online service to query the database: Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

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