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Report Post. I just copied everything out of the sequence into a new sequence with the same settings and I can suddenly right click on everything again!? I'm wondering if it has to do with the xml import from FCP? Restarting didnt' help me but it seemed to be associated with letting that clip go into a nest. Nests can be a bit finicky and i'm always discovering new glitches with them.

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Over time they've gotten more reliable, but this is the latest. Killed the nest, copied the nested clip back into the timeline, and it started working again. I'm having the same problem. I'm not able to right click on sequences. I have to use the menu to duplicate. Restarting does not help. This seems to be a beautiful new bug from the last premiere update I had the same bug. To solve this, i realized you have to close the timelines panels.. Then you can right click again As soon as the timeline is open, you can not right click anymore, unless you close the timeline again.. Both seem to have been solved by changing workspace or resetting current one to a saved layout.

I switched the workspace back and forth from workspace presets. Worked for me.

Having the same problem. And I just did what you said, Francois, and you're right, closing the timelines allows you to right click on the video clips in the project panel. However, to extend the issue, whenever I drag the video files that I cannot right click into the timeline, everything freezes accept for keyboard shortcuts. I can save my project with the keyboard, but my mouse becomes absolutely useless inside of premiere.

This is definitely a new bug from the most recent update of premiere.

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Just want to make sure it's an update problem. I've never had this problem before. Using a mac we use to hide the dock when we open an Adobe application to have more space. This cause the problem to Premiere Pro because it cannot find out whether the dock is hide or not. This is strange I know but this is the main problem. Solving your problem is not change workspaces and stuff.

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Just hide and unhide the dock - resize the window and everything works back normal. I've updated to Premiere The easiest way is to sidestep using smart quotes is to turn them off.

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You end up zooming in and out of your image. When you zoom in, your window remains the same small size as when you were zoomed out, and you have to constantly resize it. Preferences has an option to curb that problem, as well. Photoshop runs worse than ever, and that system drive is looking really full.

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