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My confirmation bias centres are all shiny: I don't think it's a "complicated" song in terms of lyrics - though the song itself was spliced together from 2 possibly 3 different songs! But that's the great strength of 'Rumours' and the songs nearby it. So much they were able to 'outlet' through their song s , and so much feeling. Flag Scotty73 on September 10, I hope your relationship - or status is ok at present jeanjeanie No Replies Log in to reply.


General Comment The way this song came about is pretty interesting. John McVie had created the famous bass line which you hear the second half of the song. But that was all they had.

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  3. Fleetwood Mac: The Chain?
  4. The Chain chords by Fleetwood Mac (Ver. 2)?

Stevie Nicks added the lyrics, which she had written while she and Lyndsey Buckingham performed together before they came to Fleetwood Mac. From there, everybody contributed. The "backwoodsy" guitar solo and drum beat at the beginning were Lyndsey's work. This is really the only song from the Rumours album where everyone from the band contributed.

Good stuff. When performed live, it seemed like Lyndsey and Stevie were having a screaming match when Lyndsey would repeat the lyrics after Stevie.

Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Rumours’: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

BUT - thoroughly agree with your obs on Stevie and Lindsey! Here's a good live performance if it shows up ok as a link - to uTube. Though Lindsey is doing all the power along with Mick feeling it all - it looks almost like an exorcism!

General Comment This song is amazing. My favorite line has to be "damn your love, damn your lies. General Comment If you ever read Rumors Exposed you will know that this is the only song that all the members of Fleetwood Mac could put aside creative differences and record so perfectly.

Fleetwood Mac - The Chain Ukulele - AZ Chords

Great read and song! While humor played a major role in the unorthodox sartorial choice, Fleetwood felt it was an appropriate nod to his musical lineage. The whole ethic of a lot of blues music is slightly suggestive, might I say. And suitably, I walked out on stage with these two lavatory chains with these wooden balls hanging down, and after that it just stuck. This was not his only tribute to virility.

The Chain (Fleetwood Mac) Strum Guitar Cover Lesson with Chords/Lyrics

Fleetwood went through a lengthy period of placing a dildo on top of his bass drum. Sadly, the original set were lost on the road, but he makes due with a replica. The band considered thanking their coke dealer on the album credits. Fleetwood famously worked out that if he laid all of the cocaine he had ever snorted into a single line, it was stretch for seven miles. Coke was less of a pleasure and more of a necessity, helping combat fatigue during the grueling multi-hour sessions — and tortuous emotions.

Cocaine played such a major role in the production of Rumours that the band seriously considered thanking their drug dealer in the album credits, until gangland violence apparently put a premature end to the idea. My Life and Adventures in Fleetwood Mac. Annie Leibovitz, already a bona fide rock-photography icon, played the role of the conscientious host when the quintet arrived at her studio for the shoot. I took it out, and they looked a little freaked out at first, but then consumed it in, like, 30 seconds.

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So they were all a little jittery and tense. Nicks ended up putting her foot down. Although they attempted to keep a respectful distance, the session sparked a brief romantic reunion between Nicks and Buckingham. And we lay there for about two hours talking and making out. Finally, Annie had to tell us to leave, because she had rented the room for only so long. Perhaps more surprising, the hours Nicks spent snuggling with Fleetwood made a deep impression on them both.

The relationship was not to last, but Fleetwood carries something of a torch for his bandmate. I will take my love for her as a person to my grave, because Stevie Nicks is the kind of woman who inspires that devotion. Newswire Powered by.

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The band enjoyed more modest success in the intervening period between and , with the line-up that included Bob Welch, and also during the s which saw more personnel changes before the return of Nicks and Buckingham, and more recently, the departure of Christine McVie.

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