How to make first page header different in pages mac

The first box under 'General' should say "Turn on the ribbon".

Pages for Mac: Add headers and footers in a Pages document

Make sure it is checked. This is an essential step that most instructions leave out - I've had mine turned off for years and it took me a while to figure out what it was and where it was. Wherever you want your header to change, click your cursor at the end of the copy on the previous page and insert a section break, next page. You do this by using the drop down menu.

Headers in Pages

Now that you've created a section break, go to the first page you want to change the header. Click in the header area. You will notice that in the ribbon, there is now a tab called "Header and Footer" that appears right after the "Home" tab. Click on this tab and you will see a box for "Link to Previous.

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Edit your Header and close the header. Your new header should be visible. Scroll up to see that the original header is still in tact in the previous section. Jun 27, 2: Particularly when it is essentially the same "separate each page with a section break" as was given above.

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Add and format a new section

User profile for user: Different headers on each page of a Pages document I searched for this, but every answer seemed to be some variation on "there's no reason to put a different heading on each page of a document". Left Page: Starts the section on the first left page. If the next page in your document would be a right-side page, a blank page is inserted before the start of the section on the left. Hide on first page of section: Show headers and footers on all but the first page of the section.

Add headers, footers, and page numbers

Left and right pages are different: For documents that have facing pages, use different headers and footers for left and right pages. Match previous section: Deselect to use different page numbers, headers, or footers for this section. Continue from previous section: Page numbers continue without a break from the previous section.

See Add headers and footers to learn how to add these to your document.

Click in the toolbar, then choose Show Page Thumbnails. Instead, click in the toolbar and choose Page Number.

Add a section

To set the distance from the top and bottom page margins, click the arrows or enter values in the fields next to Top and Bottom below the Header and Footer checkboxes in the sidebar. Hide on first page of section: Hide the header or footer on the first page. If the document has more than one section, it applies only to the first page of this section.

Match previous section: Use the same headers and footers from one section to the next. Deselect this checkbox if you want to use different headers and footers for this section. Left and right pages are different: When this checkbox is selected in a document using facing pages , the headers and footers on left and right pages can be different.

See Set up facing pages for more information.